14th Vision Research Conference

14th Vision Research Conference

Retina Ciliopathies: From Genes to Mechanisms and Treatment

In recent years numerous mutations in genes encoding proteins involved in development, structure, function and maintenance of photoreceptor cilia have been linked to human disease. The preARVO 2012 satellite meeting will review the latest developments in retina ciliopathies including retinitis pigmentosa, Leber congenital amaurosis, and Usher/ Bardet-Biedl syndromes. We will focus on genes involved in intraflagellar transport, photoreceptor outer segment morphogenesis, molecular motors and novel animal models that closely mimic human ciliopathies. Main emphasis is on human/mouse genetics, next generation DNA sequencing, proteomics, biochemistry, and cell biology.

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The Fourteenth Vision Research Conference is a two-day satellite meeting prior to ARVO 2012. It is co-sponsored by Vision Research, an International Journal for Functional Aspects of Vision, Elsevier and ARVO, the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.


Wolfgang Baehr, University of Utah, USA
Hemant Khanna, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
Marius Ueffing, University of Tübingen, Germany
Samuel M. Wu, Baylor College of Medicine, USA


  • Cilia, intraflagellar transport, and disease
  • Vesicular trafficking in photoreceptors and RPE
  • Intraflagellar transport in photoreceptors
  • Photoreceptor disk morphogenesis
  • Non-syndromic retinal ciliopathies
  • Syndromic ciliopathies
  • Ciliary systems biology
  • Animal models of retinal ciliopathies

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2012 ARVO Annual Meeting

2012 ARVO Annual Meeting